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« Playing Integrated Musical Knowledges with Artificial Neural Networks »

Sound and Music Computing 04 International Conference, IRCAM, Paris, 2004 :

Présentation d’une nouvelle application musicale de cartes auto-organisatrices développée dans le cadre du Centre National de Création Musicale de Nice (CIRM) et du projet « Neuromuse », lors du colloque « Sound and Music Computing ’04 », IRCAM, Paris, 2004.

Recent advances in the last decades in cognitive sciences, neurobiology
and computer sciences make artificial neural networks (ANN) more pliable in
musical applications. This connexionist paradigm, which is dramatically
different to traditionnal computing, requires a variety of approaches, from the
more factual (biology, physics, computing) to the more abstract (sciences of
cognition, sociology, artificial intelligence).
This text presents some aspects of the Neuromuse project developped at
CIRM. In the following notes, we will present some experiences in using self-
organizing maps (SOM) to generate meaningful musical sequences, with
real-time interfaces, in MaxMSP and Jitter...

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Playing Integrated Musical Knowledges with Artificial Neural Networks

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