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Madeleines Sonores (english)

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Madeleines Sonores (the name in reference to the Marcel Proust’s « madeleine »), is a dynamically generated collection of soundscapes specially designed for patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

They are actually implemented since summer 2018 in the « Alzheimer Unit » of the retirement home Grégoire Direz at Mailly-le-Chateau EHPAD (Etablissement d’Hébergement de Personnes Agées Dépendantes : longterm care centres), in Burgundy, France.
Sound environment is a prime source of conscious and unconscious informations which permit to the listeners to situate themselves, to communicate, to feel, to remember…
Based on an idea by Dr Jeannin, geriatrician, Madeleines Sonores is a dynamic and interactive sound environment specially orchestrated with the participation of local healthcare teams, in a humanist perspective.
This project also participate to innovative sound design at the interface of (health care, geriatric medicine, psychiatry), sciences (cognitive sciences, humanities), arts and technology (music, architecture, computer sciences).
It benefits from my long experience in music, sound design, computer and cognitive sciences, it is also the subject of ongoing scientific collaboration with Pr France Mourey at Inserm (Cognition, Action and Sensorimotor Plasticity lab., U1093, Dijon).

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Alzheimer : recherche et innovation
à la Résidence Grégoire Direz (Mailly-le-Chateau)

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