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publication de « Brain-Mind Machinery »

de Gee-Wah Ng

Gee-Wah Ng, DSO National Laboratories, Singapore & Boston University, USA

annonce@World Scientific

Contents :

  • Brain — Center of Attraction
  • Neurons and Synapses — Key to Intelligence
  • Cortex Architecture — Building Block of Intelligence
  • Many Faces of Memory — Investigating the Human Multiple Memory Systems
  • Learn Like a Human — How Does Learning Take Place in Our Brain ?
  • How Emotions Give Rise to Cognition
    Laminar Computing — How, What and Why ?
    Probabilistic Computing — The Bayesian Mind
  • Thinking Machine — Higher Theories of Brain and Commonsense Knowledge Generation
    Modeling the Entire Brain Architecture — Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architecture
  • Are We There ? What Can Computers Do Today and Tomorrow ?
  • Brain — A Forest Not Totally Explored. What Are the Issues ?
  • Understanding the Brain to Build Intelligent Systems — Design Principles
  • Conclusions — Theory of the Mind, His and Mine
    384 pages, 72 US$